Devonside is the natural progression of 2 farm kids, who grew up with a strong attachment to their respective family farms, but who followed the script of their generation: leave home, get a good education and pursue a career....


Now, Jacinta Willems with more than 25 years practicing as a Naturopathic Doctor and John Drummond with more than 40 years of nursery and landscape experience, maintain their professional careers as well as caring for the family farms of their youth. 


"The need to rehabilitate 35 acres of farmland, led us full circle, back to embracing the essentiality of livestock in a sustainable farm system. Seeding down forages where only dust and thistles prevailed, we began the search for the right livestock that would help in our land restoration project. The American Milking Devons met all of our criteria and beyond, producing rich milk and excellent quality beef on grass and hay alone, easy calving and good temperament. However, the the qualities that have most captured our hearts relate to their sociability, intelligence, noble bearing and intact ancestral instincts".

Thanks Zixi for the great photo of John @zwangphoto

Music by Dougie MacLean - Talking with my Father, Live from the Ends of the Earth

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To our fathers, Art and Jake, who have gone before us. For their love of the land and their commitment and dedication to the family farm.

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