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Our Farming Practices

American Milking Devon cattle are particularly well suited to pasture based farming, producing excellent quality, well-marbled beef on grass and hay alone. Our cattle receive no corn or other grains and are fed grass and hay only, with minerals and kelp available free choice.   Our animals are raised free from chemicals. They are not subjected to any GMO feeds, hormone implants or vaccines. Any use of antibiotics would only be as a life-saving measure, which is a rare occurence with the health of our stock. 


Our animals are lovingly cared for and weather permitting, spend most of their time outside on lush pastures from May through early November.  We use a system of rotational grazing to optimize our pastures, as well as using sustainable and ecological farming methods to build soil fertility and nutrient density of our crops.  Through the winter, the animals are provided with comfortable shelter, and lots of clean straw bedding. They are fed quality hay grown by organic methods, and always have access to an outdoor exercise yard. 



Ruminant animals such as cattle are meant to eat grass not grains. Grass feeding optimizes their digestive capacity and reduces the proliferation of pathogenic micro-organisms. It keeps them healthier naturally and produces higher quality meat. Pasture based farming helps to mitigate climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Pasture-based farming restores land, natural ecosystems and wildlife habitat; reduces reliance on petrochemicals; and improves the soil with organic matter.  By increasing organic matter, we capture and hold carbon in the vegetation and soils. This helps to better manage the land, conserve water, encourage plant health and biodiversity and create the best conditions for raising nutritionally superior grass fed beef

To view videos of our herd and farm click here


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