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Grass Fed Beef

 To place your order please email me here.

We are taking orders for our 45 pound mixed boxes for our 2024 harvest season. To place your order please email me here.


Our beef is usually available from August through November which allows us to take advantage of the optimal nutritional profile of beef on freshest grass.  We recommend putting your order in with us well in advance to ensure you will get the meat you want, as quantities are limited and we are often sold out.

All our Devon cattle are born here on the farm. They take a full 30 months to reach maturity compared to the industry standard of 16 months. They are lovingly cared for and spend their whole lives with us, a part of our family. To see some videos of the herd, click here.   


We raise our cattle slowly and carefully on pasture and hay alone, as nature intended, to yield a full flavoured and well marbled meat. The beef is then dry aged for a minimum of 3 weeks distilling the true beef flavour and ensuring the most succulent taste experience. Slow food at its best. Our Grass Fed Beef is available by the mixed box. We also often have extra ground beef available.


Each 45 lb box contains an assortment of the following (weights are approximate):

A few pot roast style roasts about 3 lbs each

An variety of steaks that may include striploin, t-bone, prime rib, sirloin, tenderloin 

A few packages round steak, and/or sirloin tip steak suitable for slow braising 

A few pounds stewing beef

12-15 packages ground beef  in 1 lb packages 

If available brisket, shanks cut osso bucco style and/or meaty short ribs


We often have ground beef available by the 10 pound bundle or 20 pound box.  If you would like to be placed on the list for ground beef, send me an email and I will be contact with you when we have more available. 


We often have bones and organs available. If you are interested in bones and organs when purchasing a mixed box, let us know in advance so that we can share options and prices with you. 

To purchase our beef, please click here. 


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